Karen Elson “Stolen Roses”

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At the ripe old age of 31, British supermodel Karen Elson is making a transition from the runway to the recording studio, backed by husband Jack White, who produced and is putting out her debut album The Ghost Who Walks on his label Third Man.

Elson's been putting out a series of acoustic videos of her tracks – “Stolen Roses” is below and the title track here – in preparation for the May 25 release, and played her first New York show last night (for mostly the fashion crowd, since everyone in music is still stuck trying to get back across the border from Mexico or whatever.)

Elson sure can sing and was sweet as cherry pie, but despite her charms, we still couldn't shake off sneaking memories of another redhead with bangs and an affinity for flowy vintage dresses – we think her name was Jenny, and we saw her a few times in 2005 or so when she was on tour with some funny looking twins to back her own hackneyed-but-catchy country-blues album? At this point it seems that Elson's more likely to be remembered for her modeling career than any musical innovations, but we do have to say that her unreal bone structure didn't hurt our photos last night at Le Poisson Rouge.