Mary Meyer Spring 2010

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mary meyer decoder

Finally you can wear a shirt that says “no matter where you go, there you are,” but without looking like a douchebag who's wearing a slogan tee!

Greenpoint-based designer Mary Meyer's known for her geometric and tribal (we can still use that word to describe clothes, right?) print tees, but not “tribal” in the Mexican-blanket-feather-hair-things-and-an-embarrassing-tattoo kind of way – her minimalist silhouettes, monochromatic palettes, and pop-art and punk-show-poster inspirations keep things more in line with urban nouveau-noir witch-coven-in-McCarren-park types than anything else. This season her tees, totes, and scarves are printed with triangles, distressed squares, and arrows, but she's also added another layer of meaning to some of her designs. Based on the idea that “everyone wants so say something, but no one really wants so be defined,” the graphics on each are actually phrases translated into a conceptual “visual language” of symbols and codes, and each piece comes with a decoder tag to translate what they say. Meyer's also branched out in to menswear, including the code tees, a hooded tank, and a pair of, yes, wait for it — pants that are not only drop-crotch, but also acid-wash.

Mary Meyer is available online at and at select NYC stores including Oak, Pixie Market, Inven.tory, and Alter.