Miss Rayon – “Self Made Man”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Portland post-punk band’s new video is a spectacular gothic thrill ride

Miss Rayon is a melodic post-punk band from Portland fronted by Eric Sabatino and comprised of Thomas Mabus (UMO, Wampire) and Basil Stevens (Basil Strawberry). Since forming, they’ve become one of Portland’s most exciting up-and-coming DIY acts, and last year’s debut album Eclipse was a diverse thrill ride running the spectrum between New York no wave and Manchester post-punk stylings. A dash of Sonic Youth or Built to Spill with a sprinkling of Magazine or Gang of Four, if you will. Today, Impose is stoked to premiere the moody and ominous video for Eclipse highlight “Self Made Man.”

“Self Made Man” is a spectacular track that fits the platonic ideal of post-punk, containing throttling basslines, shimmering guitars, pulsating percussion, and Sabatino’s quirky, haunting vocals. The video is a beautiful marriage of audio and visuals, and was directed with a deft visual touch by Wet Dream’s Sarah Kue. Shot through a noir-ish blood red filter, the clip follows a woman as she wanders through a gothic visual universe. We’re left enthralled as she lights roses on fire, spoons with random strangers, drives aimlessly around town, and peruses a cheap motel – all while seemingly being stalked by the members of Miss Rayon. The video is pure eye candy, radiating suspense and cool.

Eclipse is an absolute must-listen; you can purchase it HERE. And watch the stunning video for “Self Made Man” below.