Act As If, “Not Falling”

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Los Angeles’ indie pop/rock collective Act As If – comprised of Peter Verdell Diego De La Rosa, Derrick Wong, and Tristen Whaley – have spent the time since their 2014 album Steady to perform like crazy and reap the benefits of placing some of their songs in television (MTV, ABC, CBS). The upcoming EP Lovers Online was written about Verdell’s experiences in the online dating world, almost a tell-all (or perhaps a warning). We’ve got the track premiere for “Not Falling” right here.

A funky beat with slight nods to 80’s synth pop begins the song right, giving us the feel that warm weather is just around the corner. (When, of course, it actually isn’t in our neck of the woods.) “I came along and took your heart like medicine” is just one of the fun lyrics in the song, a sentiment many can relate to. The chorus is ridiculously catchy, something you would definitely play with your sun roof open, windows down with friends. As Verdell repeats “I’m not falling,” we are reminded of our own feelings while in puppy love.

“Not Falling” will be featured on the band’s new EP Lovers Online, our September 16th. Keep up with the band here