Adaline, "How Could We Know"

Post Author: Anna Selle

Dive into Adaline’s “How Could We Know” off her forthcoming album Aquatic. A collection of songs inspired by the cleansing and restorative nature of ocean tides, Aquatic explores a melancholic side of love, and “How Could We Know” is no exception to that premise. The Toronto native writes all of her music and lyrics, creating a perfect symbiosis between sounds and words. Adaline composes the same that she loves, in a way that is all-consuming and with complete and utter honesty. In the search for something profound, Adaline has created something ardent in its own rite.
The arrangement is grand and sweeping, with an upbeat tempo and tristful undertones. Adaline’s vocals will tear into your core, gripping tightly and keeping hold.
Says Adaline of the track, “‘How Could We Know’ is about bad timing.  That sad realization when you’ve fallen in love in the most inopportune moment and think, if only this was a different place/different time.  It’s about engaging in something that’s likely doomed, when the odds are against you, because how can you really know how things are going to turn out.”

Aquatic is out June 2nd and is available for preorder now.