Approved Theft: Illogic One Bar Left EP

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After a four year hiatus, Weightless Recordings artist Illogic is back from obscurity and giving away new material for free?!

One Bar Left is the first Illogic sighting in four years since his slept on sophomore LP Celestial Clockwork. The EP is six burners entirely produced by Columbus native Ill Poetic. Illogic directly addresses being ghost on the title track; “I make no excuse for my absence / I just had to find myself / now I'm back in the mix blasting.” Insightful. Welcome back, old friend.

Illogic hasn't lost a step in his keen knack for wordplay as he raps, “I lived the calm before the storm / the storm's my legacy / (A)ehh you think you the best? / before you see (C) you better be (B)” and “bring your hardest artist I'll bury them / six feet deep beneath a creek somewhere in Maryland.”

Illogic feat. Ill Poetic, “Half Man Half Vicious”

Illogic, “Soundtrack Theme”

This EP serves as a re-introduction to Illogic and a precursor to his next full-length Diabolical Fun out March 24 on Weightless Recordings.
Download the EP for free here or get the EP plus the instrumentals for $5 here.