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Guy Named Justice

The Brooklyn/Philly power-trio Big Neck Police’s new single “Guy Named Justice” announces itself with a confident burst of instrumentation that teeters maniacally on the edge of discord. As the tune lurches forward, it blends frenetic drumming with vocals and guitars that coalesce to form a melodic cacophony recalling everything from punk to industrial noise to a droning alarm. As the song barrels towards its finish, Hugo Stanley’s drums, Mac Kelly’s bass, and Paco Cathcart’s guitar intertwine to create a sweaty fever dream of caustic chords that bend and stretch like molten metal.

At just under two minutes, this brief blast of sonic fervor is the second single from the band’s new record, Don’t Eat My Friends, due out July 8, and it is a perfect representation of the band’s sound. What could be a haphazard collection of feedback and dissonance becomes a roaring, cohesive musical composition that still has the sauntering attitude of a live jam. At once unsettling and unbearably intriguing, Big Neck Police have created in “Guy Named Justice” a roiling sea of instrumentation that ebbs and flows as it pulls the listener into its dangerous current.

Be sure to check out the release show at Shea Stadium on July 8th.
Don’t Eat My Friends will be available July 8 on cassette from Ramp Local and on vinyl from Feeding Tube Records.