BLVK IRIS, "Put It On" ft. Janelle Kroll and Jeuru

Post Author: Andre G

Let Danish producer BLVK IRIS be the soundtrack to your Monday evening with his sultry debut single “Put It On.” The groovy electro-soul fusion scintillates via energetic bass play and glitzy synthesizers which set a seductive soundscape for New York-based singers Janelle Kroll and Jeuru to croon a lovely duet.
When Jeuru sings, “poured up these drinks for you, your turn to make a move,” at the outset of the track we know where it’s going from there. Kroll matches his desire with “I keep a space for you, saved the whole place for you. Baby there’s always room.” As strong as Kroll and Jeuru’s chemistry was on the track, the song was actually written by BLVK IRIS and Mr. Coifish. Of the lyrics, BLVK IRIS says he “wanted to set a vibe that was perfect for every kind of moment.” We know one moment for sure that this is an ideal soundtrack for.
“Put It On” is a smooth moodsetter and a harbinger of what we have to look forward to from the talented BLVK IRIS.