Stream Boy Spit's Everyone Is Cool

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boy spit, baltimore

The whole lo-fi thing is a weird deal. Some use it for purely aesthetic reasons and others don’t have a choice. When you’re on a budget, sometimes sound quality has to be sacrificed. Lo-fi ranges from scary to sweet, and in most usage it tends to add a certain amount of charm, like the aural equivalent of a quaintly worn down (correction: “lived in”) home in a small town. And even though Boy Spit is from Baltimore, they aerate small town warmth into their curt lo-fi ditties.

The self-described “shoestring punk” quintet just released a cassette of soft-spoken rock pop called Everyone Is Cool—so soft spoken at times that the lyrics can barely be heard. Strings round out the traditional guitar/bass/drums band format, lending Boy Spit a nearly rustic sound. Songs range from the country punk of “Rikvah’s Table” to the soft grunge of “No Values”. From the bounce of “George” to the headbobbing beat of “Snow Day”, Everyone Is Cool is an incredibly fun release. Put on your sweatpants for some overly comfy swaying and stream the whole release below.

Everyone Is Cool is out digitally for pay-what-you-want on Boy Spit’s Bandcamp or on cassette via Tony Hawk Pro Tapes.