Change Leopardon tries new tangents

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Change Leopardon, "Airport at Dawn"/"Red Afternoon II"

Much like the time we bunched our panties for our first Change Leopardon experience, this second date is just as confusing.

Can't really tell what signals he's sending out- last time we heard Xiu Xiu and tropica-blog guitars and now we're off in two totally different tangents, like he's playing mind games with our feeble tastes.

Maybe it's what happens when you speed up Brian Eno's “Music for Airports” or maybe it's just a straight Dan Deacon funhouse, but birds somehow escaped into the hangars for “Airport at Dawn”. Followup track “Red Afternoon II” is the noise hangover of being so hyperactive at 5 in the morning prior to a day-long flight. They say pace yourself, but if you're Change Leopardon, even the sound of exhaustion comes off sweet.

Change Leopardon, “Airport at Dawn”

Change Leopardon, “Red Afternoon II”