Lionshare, Share Holders R.E.P.O.R.T. Vol. II EP

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Brooklyn's Lionshare dropped its Share Holders R.E.P.O.R.T. Vol. II EP over the weekend. Last year we likened the sunglasses-clad white boys to a middle ground of Spank Rock, Madlib, and the smooth finish of chilled vodka. After a brief listen to the new EP, the Lionshare droogs are leaning closer to the Miami bass and electro territory.

Not since Cage's Agent Orange/ Radiohead 12″ in '97 have I heard another rapper try to flip the sounds of The Clockwork Orange motion picture soundtrack. Enough time has passed for Lionshare to drop “Clockwork” and not step on Cage's toes. It would seem the Lionshare droogs are heavily influenced by the crew from the Anthony Burgess classic novel, as the lyrics are blunted and ultraviolent with references to “getting mamby pamby on that ambien” and “in the pocket I keep a pint of vodka / taking quick sips as I clock for the coppers.”

“Ghost List” has night life anthem written all over it, especially if Lionshare is trying to appeal to that 21 and under (but over 18, of course) crowd that's on some covert plans to make it in the club. Heavy props to the line “they so platitudin' us / but they upfront about how they using us” as I shall be inserting “platitudin'” into my lexicon.

Download Share Holders R.E.P.O.R.T. Vol.II here.

Lionshare, “Ghost List”

Lionshare, “Clockwork”