Clara Clara, imported from France

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Last week we grumbled about bands picking on the chillwave just so they don't have to say they're pop. It's nice to find a good band that has nowhere trendy to hide – no reverb, no timely drum patches, zero delay, definitely no sight of withcnes or buried vocals.

Yay pop music.

While Clara Clara has a clear and present following in their hometown of Lyon, France, (where they've opened for the likes of Liars and the Fiery Furnaces), we figure many of our readers are saying “what's up” for the first time to Clara Clara, three “Frogs” from Lyon, France with a great sense of how a verse builds into a chorus within the very elemental framework of a keyboard, guitar, and drum kit bashing things out freely, without too many motifs and just vocal harmony to package these two tracks up like pitch-perfect sugar candy.

You can visit Clara Clara's Myspace page to hear more tracks and view their snide captions built off their recent American tour that betray Gallic pretensions concerning “art culinaire américain”. (Though to be fair, we're probably with them on that weird piece of fried poo they are referring to in the above photo).