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Datus Neut, Masc, and Fem

Datus began as the brainchild of one Ezer Longinus, an ex-member of the ATP-signed Apse, but now comprises a full-on live band, and bear the distinction of having released three EPs that share an immaculate visual aesthetic, as you can see.

This track is from their latest, Neut. Cool production values that mixes rough-hewn fuzz box rumbling and bedroom-sized reverb with massive attack pedal box manipulations and cleanly recorded woodblock.

This is also more like two or three songs rolled into one track, loosely and effortlessly tethering a few themes along, without the uncomfortable sensation that one is listening to some kind of post-rocky prog music.

Excited to see the band release a massive body of grey-scaled, serifed EPs through the decades.

Datus, “Precious Sun”