Dead Gaze, “Stay, Don't Say”

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Part of the appeal of Cole Furlow's Dead Gaze project is that though most of his tracks are steeped in layers of effects, hiding the vocal track from the available foreground, it is still possible for his sensitive side to shine through magnificently. In the second single off of his upcoming Brain Holiday full-length, Furlow has taken this talent of his beyond and outside of his comfort zone, by allowing everything to come to the sweetened surface. His vocals are unprecedently clean and clear, while his lyrics are rich in both sentimentality and empathy. The track largely eschews Dead Gaze's over-the-top guitar sound, instead opting for a softer acoustic instrument and tones on an electric keyboard, and it serves to be one of the most romantic and thoughtful contributions from Furlow yet. Diversity is now another quality that Furlow can add to his tool belt.

We had a chance to chat briefly with Furlow about the track and its differentiated qualities. Here's what he had to say about what the song is about, and what it's like to make a softer—albeit more in-touch—jam.

“That song is an older song that I've had for a while. I recorded a version of it a while ago and thought it'd be fun to do it with the big band in a nice studio. The song is a love song in some ways. It's also a selfish plea against the separation between two people that love each other. I think there is something very classic and general in the thematic undertones. I wanted to convey the selfish feelings of never wanting a person you love leaving you. Separation anxiety probably would've been a good name for it, as well.

The softer thing is something I never think about. I can find things I love about all genres of music. So it's a natural process for my writing to end up on the softer sides of things sometims. There' a balance one must have, I feel. The deliberation I spent on making sure most aspects of my writing stylings were conveyed was pretty daunting in a very positive way.”

Dead Gaze's Brain Holiday releases through FatCat/Palmist Records on October 22. Catch Furlow and his band on tour below with Dent May.

17 Grinnell, IA – Gardner Lounge at Grinnell College
18 Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry
19 Madison, WI – Memorial Union Terrace at University of Wisconsin
22 Madison, WI – The Sett as University of Wisconsin
24 Montevallo, AL – Eclipse Coffee & Books
25 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
27 Hamilton, ON – The Baltimore House
29 Burlington, VT- Signal Kitchen
30 Allston, MA – Great Scott
01 Waltham, MA – Brandeis University
03 Brooklyn, NY – 285 Kent
04 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy
05 Williamsburg, VA – William and Mary College
06 Durham, NC -Duke Coffeehouse at Duke University