Deastro, Mind Altar EP

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mind alter ep

Deastro's tour of the Andromeda Galaxy wore heavy on his bandmates, causing a disbanding of sorts. He assured us it would not be the end of Deastro the band, nor the person and made good on his word.

Deastro, earth name Randolph Chabot, is possibly the closest encounter we've come musically to the third kind. The Mind Altar EP is a further honing of his synth-transmissions. The EP is eight new songs followed up by three bonus songs pulled from his Orange Swimmer Red Summer EP, which he released as a free download. His voice is often buried in twinkling tones and walls of swirling percussion crashes and found sounds. Deastro is transmitting from the bottom of a well, but his beats are banging out a party in Superman's Fortress of Solitude – great acoustics in that venue.

The Mind Altar EP is out now on Ghostly International.

Deastro, “Get Frostied”

Deastro, “Mowgli The Lynx”