Meet the Videohippos side project, Romantic States

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Romantic States, romantic States cassette

And now for something to tug at those heart strings.

Videohippos' Jim Triplett will release his first collection of solo tunes on his hometapes label Tater Junction under the moniker Romantic States.

This first self-titled collection, which will be dubbed to the tune of 50 copies and dispensed starting July 12, is a series of 12 ruminative and delicate four track recordings with only two songs that exceed the three minute mark.

It's supple morning music, best listened to when you've strapped headphones on for the beginning of a long bus ride and you've lucked the window seat as the sun cracks through the dust-dried window plates.

Enjoy the lead off track, “Walking Tour”, a sampling of his instrumental excursions in “Madhouse”, and the barely-there, wistful “One Way Is Right”.

Romantic States, “Walking Tour”
Romantic States, “Madhouse”
Romantic States, “One Way Is Right”

Funny story: Jim sent a message along to us, and suggested the above three songs for public dissemination, but I didn't know that until after I'd chosen the same three myself to share with everyone.

Romantic States track list
Side A:
Walking Tour
No Footsteps
One Way Is Right
Mad House