Freddie Gibbs saves a mixtape from obscurity

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freddie gibbs

What's In My Headphones is dropping its first mixtape featuring sixteen unknowns and the Gangsta Gibbs as sole name brand reason for download.

Flipping the same sample MF Doom used for “Questions” on Operation: Doomsday, Freddie Gibbs' “My Way Home” continues his hustler's tales without a falter nor rehashing a single bar. It's reaching impressive levels that Gibbs has bombarded the streets with niche songs about his hood days in Gary and stays dropping the freshest produce in the market. At this point, I stay checking for Gibbs' music because when I think back to the 90s when the street themes that were considered “the real” were about dropping bodies and kingpin come ups, it all seems toy in comparison to Gibbs' probation woes, red and blue lights paranoia and attempts to rationalize the shifty behavior of homies that betrayed him. It's high time he drop that No Filla mixtape.

I stand somewhat corrected as Naledge of Kidz In The Hall also makes an appearance on the mixtape with the song “Champion Style”. Seriously though, the rappers featured on this mixtape need to hand write letters to Mr. Gibbs thanking him for the opportunity to be heard alongside his music.

Download the mixtape here.

Freddie Gibbs, “My Way Home” (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)