Dice Raw, Dice, Dilla, Pregunta

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dice, dilla, pregunta

While some might have treated the Dilla love as a trend to exploit, The Roots and Dice Raw remain sincere as the years push by. The Roots crew paying homage to J. Dilla has not ceased much since his passing four years ago. Wow, four years…

Philly rhyme spitter and Roots crew member Dice Raw spent a week writing rhymes to The Roots' live interpretations of Dilla beats. The Roots' Dilla Jawns mixtape can be copped here. Raw's mixtape has an album feel, more than a mixtape vibe. More importantly, it's an album Dice Raw deserves. After never getting much burn on MCA with Reclaiming The Dead, Raw's been reduced to cameos and writing theme music for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Dice, Dilla, Pregunta sounds like The Roots were conducted by maestro Dilla and turned over to Raw as reconciliation for all those years of paying dues. Download the mixtape here.

Dice Raw, “The Greatest Rapper Never”

Dice Raw, “Doot Doo Dah Da”