Swill Children's hardcore 7-inch

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For the second installment of Jesse Hlebo's ongoing Sorrow | Jubilance Swill Children 7-inch series, hardcore. Last time he put out one of these it was Lucky Dragons vs. Weekends, so, not hardcore.

We've already thrown our two cents into the ringon Okie Dokie, which to recap, concluded that they are more important than junk food. These new tracks are in the same ballpark, especially at the faux bull fighter breakdown in “UVDUST” where singer starts growling “How sweet it is to be loved by you, dust baaaaaaag.”

Nü Sensae, the Canadians on the vinyl's flip-side are not Kim Gordon backed by what Sonic Youth would've sounded like if they'd gone way more minimal, raw hardcore than they were capable of in the mid 80's, but you don't have to shut your eyes to hear it.

Okie Dokie, “UVDUST”

Okie Dokie, “Forcefeed”

Nü Sensae, “New Lies”

Get Sorrow | Jubilance 2 here.