Digital Leather, “Lately”

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digital leather

Digital Leather, solo project of synth manipulator Shawn Foree, has all the staples of modern-day lonesomeness—deep, deliberately lounge-inflected vocals, a solo high beat that never seems to change, and a head-bopping melody that is neither too sad or too happy. This last element makes the track “Lately” one for the books in terms of self-reflecting sorrow: as Foree sings along that there are “so many reasons to run from romance lately,” a crisp synth plays along with his vocals, sometimes in pure contrast and other times in tandem. The result is a track infused with that kind of longing that is hard to grasp, the kind that we find ourselves repeating without even knowing it is happening.

“Lately” will be released on a forthcoming split with Wisconsin duo The Hussy, out on May 6 through Southpaw Records.