Diplo feat. Lil Jon, “U Don't Like Me”

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Just when you thought you could safely put the Dreamcast on Craigslist, Diplo and Lil Jon had to duke it out to their track “U Don't Like Me,” found on Diplo's most recent mixtape.

Featuring animation by NMA, the Taiwanese outfit that gave us the deliciously stylized (and subtitled) reenactments of the Tiger Woods debacle, this video has our two heros fighting over land and sea within the medium of a few choice video games that will probably give you acid flashbacks to the Clinton administration.

Lil Jon's skull-splitting taunts and Diplo's stomping beat make for perfect video-gamesmanship. It's hard to throw your “middle fingers up” with your sweaty digits on the controller.

Diplo feat. Lil Jon- U Don't Like Me from Mad Decent on Vimeo.