DJ Zedvantz Death Mix

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Your Halloween costume party needs a mixtape. Plus, with everyone dolled up in fake blood this is the perfect holiday to get away with murder. You could listen to this mix to get the adrenaline up.

Originally posted at Rhythm Incursions, DJ Zedvantz's Death Mix sounds like hip hop for serial killers without all that fake ass horror-core bullshit. A true hip hop serial killer can't concentrate on making a lamp shade out of excess stomach skin to the sound of an angsty suburban white kid screaming about all the fake murders he's done.

If we were going to kill people we would definitely listen to Mr. Dibbs and Gaslamp Killer blended over the Man in Black. Major props go out to DJ Zedvantz for including Prince Paul's “Beautiful Night.” Nothing says, “Halloween mix” like a 90's r&b group crooning, “it's a beautiful night for a date rape… it's a beautiful night to kill crackers.”

Download DJ Zedvantz' Death Mix here.

Track listing:
01. Kurt Cobain – At The End Of My Rope (zedvantz rmx)
02. The Slew – Battle Between Heaven & Hell
03. Mr. Dibbs – Taste Of Death*
04. Johnny Cash – Thirteen*
05. Gaslamp Killer – Afterall
06. Kid Koala – Wrong Side Of The Tracks
07. Prince Paul – Beautiful Night
08. Reanimator – Abigail/Summer Turns To Snow
09. Presage – Unseen Force
10. Jel – Changing Patterns
11. Dj Scientist – Atarius
12. Mr. Dibbs – Chaos*
13. Marilyn Manson – Fight Song*
14. Eddie Noack – Psycho*