E. Alvin – “Appetite”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Moody alt-pop artist crafts spine-tingling atmosphere on latest single

Staccato strings and buzzing synths create a chilling bed for E. Alvin’s intimate vocals on dark new single “Appetite.” The sudden crescendos hint at a pent up rage and frustration, ready to be unleashed at the unnamed lover, and at E. Alvin himself.

Producer ZTK drew on E. Alvin’s love of classic horror films, specifically the work of John Carpenter, to bring the story of a poisoned FWB relationship to life.

About the song E. Alvin says, “It’s told from the perspective of a masochist who continuously feeds their abuser’s desires, realizing only too late the psychological damage being inflicted upon them.” E. Alvin lets us into the deepest corners of his psyche, painting pictures of love and life without the rose-colored glasses.

Connect with E. Alvin here, and take a listen to “Appetite” below.