Earlimart To Release Mentor Tormentor August 21st on Majordomo Records

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Finally! The band's been releasing tracks since last fall for their upcoming Mentor Tormentor, but fans still have a few months to subsist on their past four LPs and the crumbs of their upcoming release e-scattered 'cross the ethernets.

As far as I've found, the band's released three songs from the album so far:

Everbody Knows Everybody

Nevermind the Phonecalls

Don't Think About Me

(tank you uncle pitchpitch)

The tracks indicate a pleasant glide deeper into a warm cocoon of smooth electronic beats and sensitively sunny California pop. Like their other albums, the band recorded Mentor Tormentor at their studio, The Ship, in Eagle Rock, CA, while frontman Aaron Espinoza produced and Dave Trumfio mixed at Kingsize Soundlabs in Los Angeles.

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