Oxide and Neutrino back with independent release

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Oxide and Neutrino, two members of So Solid Crew, the UK Garage outfit most infamously remembered for the murder charges laid on Megaman (Dwayne Vincent), its founding member, have started a new record label and have a new album slated for June. While the crew earned its infamy three years ago, Oxide and Neutrino have, it seems, not put out anything new with Eastwest, their former album. 2nd Chance marks their first release (digital only) on their own independent label, Kemistree and Fizzicks, due out June 12, but with digital releases, who know how soon more tracks will be floating around. These two former stalwarts of the pirate radio scene in London have already released streams of the first single, “What R U”, a track reminiscent of that era that also carries some inflections of grime and electronica. Their myspace page has some tracks that could've slipped into J. Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds too.

What R U: