Elika, “Bury”

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Moving through the vinyl crates of the future and the dollar bins of forgotten dreams, Brooklyn's creative electro pop designers Elika prepare to begin their three part single cycle, Girls, Be Serious (One Of Three). The core duo of Evangelia Maravelias and Brian Wenkebach has expanded to create a full on group with the additions of Khaya Lou and Andrew Kwasny, making a sound that sits comfortably at home on the dream-drop-logo label; Saint Marie Records. Taking a turn for sounds that straddle the '84-94 continuum respectively, vintage neon threads shine brighter than thousands of LCD/LED pixels or the flicker from television bulbs broadcasting the manufactured memories of MTV and VH1 music video library of nostalgia.

The A-side “Moving Faster” plays with drum machine sequences that departs at an accelerated pace down the interstate intersections of dark blush debutantes, spinning new romantic dreams forward. Surprising the listener with an adjacent sound like a second song in one; Elika exalts the alters from the era of brat packs, constructs dismissed, religious attitudes lost, uplifting a glowing aura like underground doves of paradises shrugged.

Our attention today is transfixed on “Bury”, presenting the mournful chorus to accompany the song's lyrical confessions of self-sabotage. The droning mantric quality pairs “bury” with a wild intimate immediacy like, “tell me you're gonna miss me, hurry, hurry”. The radical gals and earnest pop expressionists from the 80s and 90s come back to a new breathed life, as Evangelia, Brian, Khaya, and Andrew create and rewrite their own rendering of what previous era pop sounds can and could be through the scope of today's emotions and recording technology tenders.

Elika's first single installment, Girls, Be Serious (One Of Three) will be available November 5 from Saint Marie Records.