Radioactivity, “Locked In My Head”

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Jeff Burke, frontman of The Marked Men and staple of Potential Johns, has a new project since his move back to Texas from Japan, and if you're a fan of any of his former projects, or just fast-hitting, can't-slow-down punk songs with a pop edge, Radioactivity is about to be your new favorite band. Their second single, “Locked In My Head”, which follows up “World of Pleasure”, comes from a repurposed project called The Novice that Burke was getting into while living abroad. In the band along with Burke are Mark Ryan and Gregory Rutherford, Texas punk royalty, and the album itself will release through Dirtnap Records. By the time you've settled in with the new single, it's over—its heart beats so fast that it feels glitchy, anxious, and excitable. Expect the full-length to blink past in a short time, a time that is probably (definitely) too short.

The self-titled debut Radioactivity record comes out on Dirtnap Records on October 29.