Elsa Carmona, “Run Baby Run”

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It’s that time. The “I’m going to reinvent everything on January 1st” time. A detractor could always say though that if you’re serious about a new direction, just seek it now. Take the lead of Elsa Carmona. The Barcelona-born, Stockholm-based singer, who formerly performed as Sirena, is approaching the new year not just with a couple resolutions—but a new name and sonic approach.

Last month she released “Ritual,” which showcased her new, darker approach. Last Friday she dropped, “Run Baby Run,” another delightfully mysterious electronic pop record. Fredrik Okazaki’s production is cavernous, allowing Elsa’s lithe voice to be a gorgeous contrast to his bass-heavy instrumentation. He masterfully harnesses feedback sounds into his arrangement to give the track an experimental vibe without veering too far left.

It remains to be seen when Elsa plans to offer a full project with her new vibe. But if these songs are any indication, it will be a quality release.

You can stream “Run Baby Run” below.