Excepter, Teleportation: “Kal”

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cover for Excepter's Presidence double LP

Excepter live and Excepter recorded are often two very different things. Their newest Paw Tracks record won't make you choose.

The freewheeling American vocal and electronics troupe
is set to take you on yet another long excursion into the noise abyss on Presidents Day, with the appropriately entitled Presidence. Is it a concept record? Not exactly. It's a collection of live and studio recordings documenting the band's “weirdos
only” maxim devoted to the erasure of all logical reception from the years 2003 to 2009. It might not have all of the famed six-hour Monkey Town session, but considering 3 of the tracks were recorded at the soon to be defunkt venue–including the 27-minute “OG”–some of it might be from that jam.

Presidence is consists of (no big shock here) 2 CDs, the first six songs of which comprise the “Teleportation” portion recorded in late 2008. “Kal” is the third movement from this session. Pre-order Presidence here.