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waaga compilation

Lefse Records is an army that just added a navy to its battalion with offshoot imprint Waaga Records.

Lefse is home to a stellar lineup that includes blog favorites like Neon Indian and Tape Deck Mountain, as well as should be darlings like Julian Lynch, Giant Ears and My Summer As A Salvation Soldier. If you need proof, check our archives for the Lefse compilation released last year. With all these soldiers carrying the Lefse flag, the label thought it best to separate its roster into two groups: those who speak and those who bleep.

Waaga features a few familiar names from Lefse changing over like Sunnybrook, Emily Neveu and Boddicker, while new recruits like FUR, Florene and Power Animal are testiments to the necessity of expansion. If you need encouragement to justify downloading the Waaga compilation, then do it because you're super into Neon Indian and Alan Palomo performs percussion on FUR's “Black Castles.”

The first official release will be Denton TX's FUR on February 23.

Download the Waaga Compilation.

Power Animal, “Untitled”

FUR, “Black Castles” (feat. Alan Palomo of Neon Indian)