Exocomet, “Cyclops”

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Weirdos from the East River to the Adriatic Sea finally have something they can all get excited about as the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Bosnia-and-Herzegovina group Exocomet just announced that they’re self releasing their debut album, Exocomet. The band is the brainchild of Mostar native Sasha Simic, who’s been not-so-quietly building a collection of excellent noise-rock/post-punk from his home in Greenpoint for some time now. While the album doesn’t drop until Sept 22, it’s already available to stream in its entirety on Exocomet’s bandcamp page, and it’s got all the stark minimalism you’d expect from American post-punk with Eastern European sensibilities. Along with this news, the band also announced the album’s first single, the searing, frantic “Cyclops”.

Every inch of “Cyclops” exudes the nervous energy of an oncoming panic attack, propelled by dissonant guitar spasms and simple, machine-like drumming. This energy and its solid song structure help Exocomet stand out from most other noise projects, and lends “Cyclops” a certain depth. The song builds slowly, adding elements in piecemeal, culminating with Simic’s murmuring of unintelligible lyrics through a distorted microphone. The content of his words isn’t really importantall that matters is the tone of his whispers and growls, which come across as more instrumental than lyrical.

Exocomet’s debut album is out September 22 and streaming in its entirety on their bandcamp page.