Persona La Ave, “Cheers Big Ears”

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One of the founding father of futuristic funk, Persona La Ave (aka Knoxville-dwelling Dylan Dawkins) has been making intergalactic go-go grooves with the likes of Walsh and Teams since the late aughts (or basically a millennium in Internet years). Even while on a cross-country Greyhound grind, he’s still managed to put together a comprehensive full-length cassette via MJ MJ Records, consisting of new material entitled Relation EP on side one and a re-release of last year’s Temptation EP on side two.

Distinctly down-tempo yet playfully textured, it’s a wandering kaleidoscopic trip through a tie dye-tinged stratosphere of gooey 80s synths and 60s psych nostalgia. There’s almost something urgent about the carefully crafted “Cheers Big Ears” which continues Dawkin’s proclivity for romantic r&b-fueled sensuality. Paired with his previously released Temptation tape, the album is a comprehensive glimpse into his prolific world of slap clap-loving funk and a good way to ease your way into a slow work week. We’ve got the premiere of side one single “Cheers Big Ears”, which is a banging electric bassline, nostalgic nu-disco synths and shimmering vocal samples.

Persona La Ave’s Relation/Temptation is out September 2 on MJMJ Records.