Failed Mutation will See You Tomorrow

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Like a Hannukah present for all once and future teen punks, Milwaukee’s Failed Mutation put up seven new tracks yesterday, the first new recordings from the band since 2013’s We Are A Failed Mutation (closer “When You’re Dead” first appeared on the Beyond Inversion benefit compilation). Coming on the heels of Jeremih’s surprise Late Nights rollout, it feels a bit like a punk parallel (in both wait time and quality).

If you’ve ever run from the cops with a skateboard tucked under your arm, brought a few cans of spray paint and your best friends under the nearest highway overpass under cover of night, sat on the steps of your favorite punk band’s house smoking cigarettes and waiting for them to come out with their recycling so that you can bashfully scoot aside and say hello, skipped class to go to the record store even though you didn’t have any money, or trashed your own basement during a show knowing full well you’ll have to clean up in the morning, this one’s for you. For the earnest, for the alienated, for the needy, for the unsure, for the damaged: we are not alone, and now we have these tracks, that, for lack of a better phrase, completely rip.

Featuring cover art by Eric Mayer, who plays guitar in Failed Mutation and drums in Tenement, you can stream See You Tomorrow below.