Fire Retarded, High Horse 7″

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fire retarded

If you've got seven minutes to spare, you're not going to want to spend them any other way than with the Fire Retarded seven-inch, High Horse. As if it were pulled straight from the gutter like a long clump of grody hair in the drain, this scumpunk three-tracker is full of that sublime shot to the heart charm—before you even have a chance to sit down, it's off on the racetracks like a maniac. With lightning-fast drums and scuzzy guitar, you're not going to know what hit you until the over-the-top vocals come in to beat all your thoughts into a pulp. Like a cocktail of motor oil and unabashed gumption, you're going to have to let Fire Retarded take the reins. With the recent addition of Madison friend Bobby Hussy, the trio rounded out as a foursome, making blissful grungy guitar punk feel all the denser than ever before.

This seven-inch is out now on GloryHole Records. The band will be whizzing into your cities and eardrums at the dates below on the Chillerz Ball Tour. Expect a full-length sometime in 2014.

03 – Chicago @ The Hideout
04 – Indianapolis, IN
05 – Columbus, OH
06 – Cincinnati, OH
07 – Bowling Green, KY
08 – Nashville, TN
09 – Memphis, TN
10 – New Orleans, LA
11 – Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas
12 – Fort Worth, TX
13 – Dallas, TX
14 – Little Rock, AR @ Main Squeeze
15 – Springfield, MO
16 – Lawrence, KS
17 – Omaha, NE
18 – Dubuque, IA @ Eronel