ILLLS, “Coma”

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Yesterday was that time of the month where <strong>ILLLS

frontman Steven Ross and I have our huddle. We shoot stories back and forth, talk about Oxford, Mississippi indie versus the rest of the world, who our favorite local bands are, what we're feeling, what we're not feeling, and keeping the conversations pushing. Lately we've been talking about the upcoming ILLLS record Hideout From the Feeders, coming out next month from Aloe Records, the result of a slough of singles from “Teeth“, “Wales“, and the most recent “Out” that have lead up to this momentous occasion.

Our exchanges as of late have been deep in discussion about the trademark 'ILLLS' sound', a signature progression and a signature delivery that keeps us returning to the Oxford wellspring of indie blessed bliss. A sound some people search years to find, Mr. Ross does naturally by believing in a sound honed that's all his own. The guitars generally gear and grind against the throes of monotony that tear down the pillars of mediocrity that reveal a dream driven cadence beneath the rubble and ruins of modern life. But this time, things ride into the conscious pools of a perceptive tranquility that Steven himself was kind to introduce in the following paragraph:

“This one is called 'Coma'. It is a lot different from what I usually do but I think it's good for giving some context to the rest of the LP. I don't know why but for some reason this song has always sounded like what it feels like to take ambien and then try to stay awake. Have you ever done that? It's fun but then there's always that chance you'll wake up pants down in your front yard… I don't know where this conversation is going. Fuck.”

The much anticipated ILLLS album Hideout From the Feeders will be available November 12 from Aloe Music.