FLIGHT, “Real Estate”

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Enjoy a new leak from FLIGHT's new EP The Lead Riders.

Probably not referring to New Jersey's finest, “Real Estate”, the Mississippi boyz' anthem quips “let's destroy the world” with a sludgy battering ram of a rhythmic section taking heed of neither girlfriends nor small children as it drives its mid-tempo message home.

It's the lead off to the B Side of the new release, which came out September 28 on Zoo Music.

FLIGHT, “Real Estate”

And in all honesty, if you want to catch this kind of music in the right altered zone, then we suggest you catch the very last show they play out of the five they're throwing at the world during CMJ. All the others are just warm ups.

FLIGHT's CMJ shows:
Thu 10/21 Blackout Booking Party, Bruar Falls 9PM
Fri 10/22 Fader Fort, 38 Delancey 720PM
Sat 10/23 Inflated Records Party, Bruar Falls 840
Sat 10/23 Daed Pizza Presents, Cake Shop 1040PM
Sat 10/23 The Imposition, Don Pedros 1230AM