Future Islands first glimpse

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Future Islands couch time.

Best Music nominee Future Islands has us holding our breath for their sophomore full length on Thrill Jockey. The blue in our cheeks receded briefly upon hearing three live recordings courtesy of Bmore Musically Informed.

Recorded in the Future Islands' living room in Mt. Vernon, lead vocalist and all around genuine guy Sam Herring sang this session from the floor, a subdued state that's difficult for those who have seen his live show to imagine. Our collective imagination takes us to a session that took several takes, as sniffles and sobs kept interfering with the clean sound. Even the soundman asked for a five minute break to recover, in which he went outside called his mother and told her he loved her. Just listen to “Walking Through That Door” and try not to choke up a little or drift off into the recesses of your memory to a buried vision that you keep low to keep the smile high… yeah, Mr. Herring is tugging at those thoughts.

Hear the full session here.

In Evening Air is scheduled for a May 4 release on Thrill Jockey.

Future Islands, “Swept Inside”