Win free stuff, all you fans of Tangerine Dream

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Things that FuzZ, the first new artist signed to Spectrophonic Sound remind me of:

  • That scene in Risky Business where Tom Cruise dreams he's boning a babysitter as Tangerine Dream plays in the background.
  • The time I robotripped while sitting in a friends closet that was covered in glow in the dark stars. (I think this is called a “Tussin flashback”)
  • Sex on the moon. Which I've never had, but I'd imagine this would be the perfect soundtrack.

Obviously Squeak E. Clean of N.A.S.A. felt something similar, and that's why he decided to put out this dude's album. To celebrate this occasion we've got some shit to giveaway.

You want a free copy of the FuzZ album, Sparkle Vision, and a copy of this Shepard Fairey N.A.S.A. print that you are completely allowed to deface ala his Deitch Projects mural? Okay, well go into the comments below and tell us your favorite science fiction movie ever. It could be Blade Runner, Star Trek 13, or. JFK. Whatever, just tell us a good sci-fi flick and we will pick a comment below. And oh yeah, you need to actually add your real e-mail address for us to contact you.

Good luck.