Game, The R.E.D. Room

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After dropping the “The” to his name, Game is sounding hungry again or maybe he's trying to front like that's the case by yelling his verses.

Man, mainstream hip hop is hard to keep tabs on. I haven't the foggiest clue as to how the Game vs. 50 Cent beef ended. Allegedly Game announced his retirement, but bluffed like all rappers do. All I know is it's odd that “Slangin' Rocks” employs the same format as 50's “I Get Money” – sample a few lines from a classic song, loop it as the chorus and toss together a decent beat (produced by Scoop DeVille). Game would have been better off releasing a sex tape with Nicki Menaj to revitalize his career then to talk about it hypothetically on wax. He attempts to pack punches in his delivery, but it just sounds like he's fighting to stay relevant by adding extra gruff.

Download The R.E.D. Room mixtape here. If you feel so inclined, I'm throwing on Eazy-Duz-It to get my west coast gangster fix.

Game, “Slangin' Rocks”