Juicy J and Project Pat, Convicted Felons

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You start to get fed up with the Triple 6 sometimes what
with the incessant lineup changes (read: kicking friends out the band),
popularity of stupid fucking ironic
, their inexplicable Oscar
win and let’s not forget the MTV reality/docudrama Adventures
in Hollyhood
(OK, that one gets a pass).
But man when they get it right, they just get it right.

On Convicted Felons,
brothers Juicy J and Project Pat, along with guests like Gucci Mane, Slim Thug
and OJ Da Juiceman, do a whole lot of getting it right. The tape grabs you by both nostrils with “I Fuck Wit (Cocaine Snorters)” and doesn't let go until
it’s good and ready to. Stylistically
it's definitely an updated return to horrorcore raps and murderous beats that started
on last year’s Cut Throat tape. And even though the cover art on this one
doesn’t go quite as hard as that one, the music stands up pound
for pound.

Songs like “Smith and Wesson,” “Imma Try To Rob You” and “Old
Triple Six” bang as hard as anything off of Mystic
while other songs update the Three Six formula for today's listeners. Other standouts include the
souled out beat and Slim Thug verse on “Ike Turner Pimpin” and pretty much
every Project Pat verse. There’s even a
nod to the Black Boy White Boy/Futuristic Swag movement of yestersummer on “Pesos”. So what are you waiting for? Go get that…

Project Pat and Juicy J, “Peso” (Feat. V Slash)

Project Pat and Juicy J, “I Fuck Wit It”

Project Pat and Juicy J, “Old Triple Six”

Three 6 Mafia “Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth” (Feat. Project Pat and Billy Wes)