Gilligan Moss, “Waking Up In Topanga Canyon Mix”

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Producer Gilligan Moss does not wake up by booting his system as though he were attached to some Ableton interface life force. He’s wired no different than most of us. Conversely, Moss’ Ceremonial EP does make him different. The EPs divergent wires of psychedelic, synthpop, and house feed into a massive electronica all his own.

Waking up is a process. Like many of us, Gilligan Moss does so gradually. His “Waking Up In Topanga Canyon Mix” is quiet, the rust on Leonard Cohen’s voice is the smell of coffee brewing and early heat in the canyon. Moss’ mix, much like this EP, is a convergence of sounds. This mix offers insight into the origins of his psych side with Robbie Basho’s “Song of the Snowy Ranges”, while Brian Eno & David Byrne’s “Strange Overtones” is a polyrhythmic shimmer deserving of replacing the irksome buzz of alarm clocks.

Gilligan Moss offered the following words regarding his mix:

I made this mix while staying with some friends in Topanga Canyon on our little west coast tour. I was nuzzled awake rather early by some pesky cats, and walked out on the porch and made this mix in a groggy state overlooking a beautiful canyon. I set aside any flashy mixing, and picked a handful of songs that fit my headspace that morning.

Gilligan Moss’ Ceremonial EP is out now on AMF.

“Waking Up In Topanga Canyon Mix” tracklisting”
01 Leonard Cohen, “1 Minute Prologue”
02 Mkwaju Ensemble, “Ki-Motion”
03 Robbie Basho, “Song of the Snowy Ranges”
04 Arca, “Love You in Chains” (Showtime [Arca Edit])
05 Brian Eno & David Byrne, “Strange Overtones”
06 Chemical Brothers, “Swoon”
07 MCFERRDOG, “I Wanna See”