Gotham Green & Quickie Mart, “Tell Me Something” feat. Freddie Gibbs

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gotham green

Quickie Mart dropped his Haze Diaries Vol. III today, which features Gotham Green trading bars with the likes of ICON the Mic King, Planet Asia, Josh The Goon and Freddie Gibbs.

Gotham and Gibbs trade mixtape verses for the track “Tell Me Something,” which is well and good, except for the R&B hook by Jes Hudak. Her presence gives the song an air of having a story to be told, yet neither rapper seems interested in elaborating. The confusion is only extended with the music video. Gotham Green goes to a white girl's (Jes Hudak?) house to pick up a gym bag. She's hysterical about the gym bag, it seems. There's a confused white kid on the couch – possibly her new boyfriend, possibly her stoner brother. Gotham Green breaks out with his gym bag like she's not yelling her head off and gets into a car with another, edgier white girl.

Gibbs is looming outside the altercation in a Cutlass, looking as though he's come to clean up a mess and chin check a white boy. He never does though. He instead opts to smoke a blunt on the hood of a moving vehicle. Gotham's got a new chick and his work out clothes, so he's care free, which leaves the hysterical broad to cry in a window sill. The video ended and I felt as though I had somehow had information regarding relationships stolen from me, but I feel more confident about my ghost-riding the whip skills.

Quickie Mart & Gotham Green's Haze Diaries Vol. III can be heard and downloaded here.