Greys, “Guy Picciotto”

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Greys If Anything

Fugazi references aside, Greys' first single from their upcoming debut LP If Anything (Carpark Records) sounds unequivocally like a Greys' song. Named after the Fugazi guitarist/vocalist, “Guy Picciotto” is 90 seconds of dissonant, feedback-laden sonic assault paying homage to the punk greats, but Greys aren't out to rip off Fugazi; fans of the Toronto punks' EPs will recognize the massive drums, scoffs at 4/4 time, and Shehzaad Jiwani's viscerally angry vocal style. Shouts of “I wanna be like him/Everyday in every way” escape the torrent of ordered chaos, sarcastically signifying Fugazi's blatant influence on Greys' sound—and that same sentiment can be extended to encompass the entire world of musical idolatry.

Greys can make such a judgment because they’ve been uncompromising in cranking out hook-filled, arm-flailing track after noisy track. The closing hook, “There goes my hero!” provides the familiar kick in the gut that keeps you coming back for more, despite the pain. It's that sort of thing that puts Greys well on their way to becoming heroes themselves, even if they're still looking up at Guy Picciotto in the sky.

If Anything is due to be released on June 17. Stream the track below.