Honeydrum, “Do U Party?”

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New Brunswick's Honeydrum were featured in our tape column, Head Cleaner, a little while back for their cassette When the Young Are Gone. In that column, Luke Carrell mentioned that the group is known for their prolific output, and this release proves the point. “Do You Party?” is the last track on the EP of the same name, which is a CD that you can only get if you purchase the vinyl Stranger Calls 7-inch from AMDISCS, which despite being only a 7-inch contains four tracks. (It's pink!)

The 7-inches tracks are interesting, but in the Soundcloud set that is available, “Do U Party” really appealed to me. Maybe it's the murmured chorus, which is uttered in a low register and sounds almost like a chant, that is hypnotic. Opened by a brief sample and punctuated by what sounds like wooden box percussion, the song is not asking if we party because it wants to party WITH us; instead it is interrogating us to see if we have done anything wrong, like some kind of sonic narc.