James Pants, New Tropical EP

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James Pants

James Pants makes all sorts of weirdo music (just check out “I Live Inside An Egg”), but his adventures in electro-land may be his most easily digestible treats.

Stones Throw have some unexplainable fascination with James Pants, allowing him to create as he pleases. There's a fine line between amazing and confusing that he operates within quite comfortably. Pants is leaning towards “amazing” with his six-song New Tropical EP. Custom made for the summer, it might not have that patriotic vibe you seek for this weekend, but mix things up a bit in the new decade.

We still encourage you to pronounce your country as “Murrica” and pound Coors Light like Monday is the first day of Prohibition. Wear your American Flag bandana in whatever fashion you desire – scarf, head wrap, Tupac-style. We still expect to hear stories about who caught on fire from a firework fiasco, but give Springsteen and Cougar-Mellencamp a rest this summer – try on a new pair of pants.

Purchase the vinyl or digital at the Stones Throw store.

James Pants, “Driftwood”