Tone Tank & Scott Thorough, “Crack Selector”

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crack selector

Modern Shark is on a steady stream of new music since its inception earlier this year. Tone Tank & Scott Thorough's “Forties” was one of my favorite contributions to the label's debut sampler. The duo are back again, this time enlisting the help of Kool A.D. of Das Racist.

The story behind Tone Tank and Kool A.D. meeting partially explains the collaborative energy between the two, as though they've been tag-teaming dancehall beats since childhood. Tone was building props for a video shoot and had bought a pair of red ladies boot-sneakers. It would be the same pair Kool A.D. wore around a lot that day. His adoration for the sneakers was due to a little pill called Ecstasy. Given Kool's condition, he was touchy-feely, causing Tone to be like, “Yo, why’s this fucking guy
touching me!?”

Somewhere between that day and Tone and Scott hearing Das Racist's “Fake Patois,” the duo decided Kool A.D. was a funny guy and a collaboration should go down. “Crack Selector” is the sequel to that song. Each time I hear “flow real like Elephant man / either the reggae singer or the real elephant man” I am torn between doubling over in laughter on the floor or blasting this song into my alley, pushing up a lighter and spraying an aerosol can into it. Buk Buk Buk!

Tone Tank and Scott Thorough's debut “Scott and Tone” is out in September on Modern Shark.

Tone Tank and Scott Thorough, “Crack Selector” (feat. Kool A.D. of Das Racist)