Jealous Guys, “Life”

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The Jealous Guys

When MF Doom flipped a Scooby Doo sample on “Hey” he was laying out his villainous plots of swooping sisters, instigating drunk brawls and setting traps for meddling kids. On The Jealous Guys' “Life” track, producer Jay Curry buries a lifted sample from the Doom cut in the etheral vibes of a cloud rap beat. There's nothing disrespectful about its placement, it is simply there. In fact, it's better that we focus on the bass and screwed bridge that connects The Jealous Guys verses – it's downright menacing.

The Jealous Guys are hard at work on a 2012 record (their debut full length) that will feature production by up and coming, as well as A-list producers. The cloaked announcement definitely creates intrigue, but we'll be plenty satisfied with more Jay Curry, Clams Casino and Zodiac production.