Stephen/Stevn & The Urxd split on PPM

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PPM's latest venture into the avant garde of LA is a split of side projects by Rob Barber of High Places and Brendan Fowler, formerly BARR. The Stephen/Stevn side is disjointed, which causes a few wolf cries from being faked out that the needle is skipping. Fowler revisits his BARR tracks armed with scissors, but manages to side-step the definition of remix. His arrangments stutter and skip as though the original has been damaged, but in the tatters are keepers disguised as mistakes.

Stephen/Stevn, “1/1”

The Urxed side is Rob from High Places' even deeper dance project, which is a moniker he assumed long before meeting Mary Pearson. Mostly instrumental, these songs operate in a similar anthemic house vein as High Places, but seek even darker territory than the places he explores with Mary.

The Urxed, “Getting A Good Night's Sleep”

The Stephen/Stevn/The Urxed split 12″ is out now on PPM.