Jeremiah Jae & Trae are Young Black Preachers

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Young Black Preachers

Jeremiah Jae is going to keep dropping records whether you've had time to process the previous one or not. He's already got a solo project out, a collab tape with Oliver the 2nd called Rawhyde, a record of Beastie Boys remixes, and Saturday he's dropping Ignorant Prayers 2 with Azizi Gibson. Last week, he snuck in a group album with Trae called Gezus under the moniker Young Black Preachers.

Based out of Chicago originally, Young Black Preachers has been around since '09 with its last record being Lunch Special III in '11. While Kanye clogs our peripherals with claims of godliness on Yeezus, we are directing attention towards the YBPs as a geniune source of rap spirituality. It's always been present in Jae's music – far from Christian rap – he takes a platform of the spiritual man in the hood of Gomorrah. Much like Jae's collab work with Azizi, Jae and Trae find strength in being among the temptation of rap vices.

Purchase Young Black Preachers at the Yellow Mask Cxllective Bandcamp.