Modern Hut, “History”

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generic treasure

When bands like Owen and The Get Up Kids were en vogue, it was often that we'd hear folky, acoustic bedroomy songs with highly intellectual lyrics and cutting observations. The hey-day of verbose folkrock has since passed, but Modern Hut seeks to bring it back with an appropriately titled track, “History”. Here we have the vocals, acoustic guitar, and echoed noodling of an electric background guitar that make for some truly overwhelming flashback moments to a time when the vintage, lo-fi sound was all you needed to make your mixtapes perfect. This contribution comes from ex-members of For Science, and with production by Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females (who also plays on the record), we're anticipating a lot of long nights in dark rooms staring at the ceiling while drinking stale coffee and whiskey. This is throwbacky in the best way and it serves as a plea to never forget the acoustic tongue-in-cheek genre that got us to where we are today.

Modern Hut's Generic Treasure (which we assume will be a treasure, but not of the generic variety) will release on August 3 through Don Giovanni Records.